Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big summer for our hero

First, Clarke will be a Counselor-in-Training at Floodwood - his dad's beloved Floodwood where he worked for 10 years and eventually ran the place. No pressure there, kid. Then, there is his first sleepaway adventure in dorms at a college. National Jazz Workshop in Virginia. Lots of talent. Lots to learn. No pressure there, kid. But I'm happy that he has this. He should know how capable he really is. And then, of course, there will be some fun and frivolity. Here's one of Clarke's audition tapes.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not summer yet

A list of randomness:
  1. Make this school year end. NOW. NYC is nuts. See this insanity. Of course I had to add my two cents in the comments.
  2. For those that remember, on the last day of school, I always plan a crazy surprise for the boys. This one is finally finished and is slated for Friday. Not my most outlandish but should be a fun time. Years past have included: weekend cruise to Canada, beach, convertible car rental, water park, sailing trip. Can't write details on this year of course, because I'm certain the boys read my blog....right? I am loving slipping them hints and throwing them off the scent. Much harder now that they are old and cynical.
  3. Very happy with quick dinner last night. Ready? Turkey burgers: mix ground turkey with salt, chopped cilantro, lime juice. Grill. Fancy relish: grated red cabbage and carrots, mixed with 2 TBL mayo, lime juice, dash of olive oil, cilantro, jalapeno. Sweet potato baked fries: Try to find the white sweet potatoes (are those yams?). The trick is heat the olive oil in a baking sheet in oven at high heat (450). When very hot, add the salted sweet potatoes. Bake till they are done. They crisp up nicely this way. Broccoli. Add sliced ginger to water/chicken stock before you steam/boil. Sliced melons: why are there so many delicious melons at the co-op right now? I thought melon season was late august. Anyway, delicious.
  4. Barn: Nada. Can't afford rental cars to get up there on the weekends. Need a solution. Very sad. But we are going for July 4th!
  5. To be honest, I am trying to remember that summer is supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy. Getting the boys scheduled into camps etc. to keep them occupied is expensive and time-consuming. I don't have a lot of time off work and I feel the whole summer is scheduled and budgeted down to the wire. Le sigh. Check back next week and hopefully I will shake this BS and start having some fun.
  6. I biked here last weekend and it was amazing. 12 miles from the urban jungle and you have pristine beach and wildlife. Wowza.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Notice anything?

First, I know I was at the barn last weekend and yes I took some photos, but I can't find the darn cord that exports my camera so you'll have to take my word for it, that it was great. I really need to take pictures of EatnMeet next time I am there. Expect photos and details soon.

Meanwhile on the way up to the barn, I heard this great lyric. "If you hear any noise, it's just me and the boys." Made me laugh and made me happy. The storm blowing the roof off the barn thing was pretty powerful for me, for a time ( I don't think I ever blogged this but literally a piece of paper blew into my hand with that saying on it, during a pretty rough time. How. Weird. Is. That?) But now it doesn't quite reflect, so voila, a new blog tagline.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Back to the barn tomorrow. So so excited. I am once again going to essentially ignore house tasks and relax and hike and canoe. At some point I really have to spend a work weekend to get the barn back in shipshape (as shipshape as the Barn can be). Scarily neglected lately. Must. Rectify. This. Summer.

So back to this weekend. We leave tomorrow in a minivan (woo woo) with 2 additional kids. Their parents are taking the train and meeting us up there. Saturday will be croquet and catch and bike rides and filming Clarke's jazz audition video ( anyone want to come over for the live shoot? We are renting helicopters and groupies). Then EatnMeet for dinner. Sunday, we are heading out to Floodwood Pond to canoe the streams and small ponds. This is our home turf for canoeing and I can't wait. We have a group of 8 so we have 2 16' canoes and 2 kayaks. We are going to set up day camp on one of the islands and let people explore from there. After that, cookout back at our place. Deciding between pork burgers with asian slaw and fennel or chocolate, stout marinated steak. Um, and quinoa, feta salad for PK. Vegetarians!

We'll see you inside the blue line!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hey Canoe People!

Here's what I need: A way to transport 2-3 canoes and/or a kayak. Here's the problem: I don't own a car so it would have to easily attach to any rental car I happen to have. Does such a thing exist?

It's very frustrating. We have friends coming to the barn this weekend and again, we have enough boats for everyone but no way to transport them all. So we end up renting from St. Regis (On Floodwood Pond). They are a great outfit but I don't need the extra expense. Any ideas?

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Music Man

"Clarke has a very very high level of musical ability. I do not say this lightly. His technique and musical aptitude are very advanced." The report then goes to to report specific areas where he should focus, ideas for moving forward etc.

Finally a good report card for our hero. However, this is not the kind of report I exactly know what to do with. This is not news to me but it is an affirmation that Clarke's mind is not "ideally suited", shall we say, for Brooklyn Tech.

I am so proud of him for getting through the last 3 years of hell and for being a really good kid. I am not so proud of his academic achievements to date. And I'm no longer sure that my yelling, cajoling, encouraging, or threatening will change that much. So then what? Where is the path if you deviate from the standard? Must he forge his own or should I feebly attempt to lead him?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Geez, now I'm awake

I am experimenting with food photography. Mostly because I love this new site The concept is a curated place for ambitious homecooks. There is a cooking contest each week and the winner goes into a real cookbook. So cool. Hilariously, I keep missing the deadlines but end up making the intended dishes days later. Alas, anyway here are a few photos: okra with ginger/red pepper/rosewater, lamb/feta/cherry meatballs, croissant (not made by me!), barley risotto.